• Our interactions with our consumers communicate this feeling. Each bite they taste, each song they hear in our store, and even when we collaborate with other brands, we seek to create a bond between our roots and modern life.

  • karak chai dubai

    But drinking Chai is not the only thing that happens on our streets. There’s so much to street culture that we come across every day; art, music, fashion, gastronomy, design, dance or even sports.

    We celebrate street culture and all its beauty as it takes us on a journey of discovery of traditions, rituals and knowledge. An innovative and energetic spirit that can only be felt on the streets is the essential part that gives life to our brand.

  • Going out with friends, family, or co-workers to share a milk tea with a hint of spices like ginger or cardamom is a common Indian ritual. These Chai street stalls, carts and shops are a vital gathering place for people who want to take a break and catch up.

  • Drinking tea is a fundamental part of the ancestral culture of the Middle East. Every day we find new and interesting proposals in the market, yet, the most important thing is still present: The tradition of having a delicious tea that relaxes our spirit and impulses us to continue our day.

    With 2 branches currently operating in Dubai, Project Chaiwala is looking to grow locally over the next 2 years and build a local fresh Chai presence in the GCC market.

    Working with the best to source the freshest organic tea produce, Project Chaiwala receives all its tea from Nuxalbari Single Tea Estate in Darjeeling, while spices and fresh milk (and milk alternatives) are sourced locally to brew Chai every day.